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Holley A. Linscott, Treasurer
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• Green-Rainbow Party State Committee Representative
Berkshire Hampshire Franklin and Hampden State Senatorial District
Lenox GRP Town Committee Chairman





 July 1:  I published a blog pointing out the clarity of the Green-Rainbow Party statement against the pipeline. (click the blog link above)

June 9:  I published a list of brokers in south africa press release related to the response of the Office of the Attorney General to my Open Meeting Law Complaint.

May 2:   I met with Berkshares Coordinator Alice Maggio and Lenox Chamber of Commerce Director Ralph Petillo to discuss ways of increasing Berkshares circulation in Lenox.

 On May 1 Lenox Town Meeting voters passed supported the Resolution to Ban Fracked Gas Pipelines and to Champion Sustainable Energy by a vote of about 130 yes to 50 no.  I was one of the petitioners of this question.

On  April 22 I hosted the three statewide Green-Rainbow Party candidates on a tour of Berkshire County.  Press release:  http://www.green-rainbow.org/candidates_berkshire_launchThis event was covered by iBerkshires, WAMC radio, the Pitsfield Gazeet, and the Berkshire Courier. 

On April 16, 2014 the Office of the Attorney General notified me that it would review the Open Meeting Law complaint against the Town Manager Search Committee, which I had filed on January 24, 2014.

In March I began serving on the Green-Rainbow Party's Communications Committee.

I co-facilitated the April 6 State Committee meeting in Boston, where the Green-Rainbow Party adopted clear campaign finance guidelines that prohibit the party and its candidates from accepting financial contributions from any registered lobbyist and from officers of for-profit corporations that hire lobbyists.

In March I visited Iceland, where Greens have seats in parliament and have been in ruling government coalitions.

In February several Green-Rainbow Party members in Lenox decided to collect signatures to place a question on the Town Meeting Warrant in opposition to a proposed fracked gas pipeline.

 Open Meeting Law:  I filed two complaints against the Lenox Town Clerk's Office and against the Town Manager Search Committee on January 24.  These are public records on file at Lenox Town Hall.  You can review them there or you can just ask and I will send either or both complaints to you by e-mail.  It really is not difficult for Committee Chairs, committee members, and public officials to follow the law.  I am awaiting responses from these bodies.

I commented on this Jan 18 Berkshire Eagle letter to the editor that wondered what has happened to Medicare: offering another reason to join and support the party that does not grovel for insurance industry interests.

I attended the January 11 Green-Rainbow Party State Committee meeting in Worcester and supported the nomination of Secretary of State candidate Danny Factor and State Treasurer candidate Ian Jackson.  Signature gathering begins next month.

I'm proud to serve on the Lenox Enviornmental Committee, which worked to establish a Hope Phones program in Lenox, as reported in the news on January 5.




I met leader of Hong Kong Green Party while on vacation there in December.

I made statements at Lenox's 2013 Annual Town Meeting:

In opposition to Article 19 I spoke in support of the right of citizens and businesses to appeal to higher authorities.

In opposition to Article 22 I, spoke on behalf of the Green-Rainbow Party Lenx Town Committe against an ill-concieved and unnecessary Conservation Restriction



Information on my 2012 campaign for State Representation in the 4th Berkshire District >>ARCHIVE


We accept with appreciation contributions from individual adult US citizens. We respectfully decline contributions from registered lobbyists and from officers of corporations that hire lobbyists. Please provide your full name and address. State law limits contributions to $500 per year per individual.





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